Sunday 13 May 2012

Taking shape...

The team on site, Neil, Nigel, Steve and Luke have worked wonders this weekend.  The pathway is pretty well laid, the gazebo complete (thanks to the lads from M&M timber) the big trees are in position and by now the lads are thinking about the other areas of paving, the pools and then the edging.  They've cetainly worked swiftly and I feel a lot happier about the overall effect.  I think the organicstone path is really stunning - one of the nicest we've done.  The cedar fits in perfectly alongside the gazebo, and I am really pleased I took the short, stocky Prunus lusitanica - I think they give the monument focus a wonderfully classical, rather formal feel.

Back in Hampshire I've been catching up in the garden. Its been a lovely morning although a lot cloudier now.  Haven't dared look at the forecast again - hopefully its improved a bit since my last visit to BBC weather.  I should imagine the outside boys have been mighty relieved to get a couple of completely dry days in even if it means putting up with dust from the roads and the wretched Chelsea Plane trees which shed choking pollen atv this time of the year condemnig all on sit to the lovely Chelsea cough and tall eyes.

Less Twitter activity today - RHS tweeted that Diarmuds pyramid is as tall as Battersea power station. Hmm...I did reply and they retweeted.  Wes Fleming has come alive on the Twitter front after a long silence - look forward to catching up with him next week. Perhaps more news later - keep watching...

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