Wednesday 16 May 2012

Plants, Plants, Plants

Plants start to arrive at the Show thick and fast from Tuesday onwards. Tuesday sees the arrival of more trees and some large shrub material along with a mass of trees for other exhibits at the show.  I like to get as many of the trees for our exhibit into place as they arrive as I possibly can. As 3 more lorries of plants arrive on Wednesday the trees become more and more difficult to manoever into place as the week progresses.
The construction team, Neil, Nigel, Steve and Luke have clearly made themselves at home here over the past few days. A corner of the exhibit has become their rest room with full catering facilities - well almost.  Armed with fat sandwiches and dangerous looking pastries from the cafe they find a few moments to relax over lunch and grab the odd cuppa mid morning and afternoon.  Build up seems pleasantly relaxed here on Planet Chelsea and so far, so good

Wednesday and the first installment of the staging team arrive on site excited to be away from the Shire and in the big, bad city - sorry lads there's the small matter of a rather large exhibit to build first! Plants great and small arrive on 3 lorries.  Rick has had a real cherry fest this year - and they look as if they are going to be absolutely perfect.  The large umbrella Prunus 'Tai Haku looked fantastic last year but sadly they peaked too early, This year looks like they will be bang on.  They certainly need to be worth the effort manoevring them into place is no mean feat!
By the end of wednesday the hard landscaping is complete and every plant that's been delivered is in place. The site is clean and tidy and we are all ready for tomorrow's major onslaught. I try not to think that we've never been this far ahead - that would be dangerous.  Sufficeth to say I am delighted with our progress - The A team are really puling out all the stops. What do I think of the exhibit? Not telling... 

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