Thursday 17 May 2012

Painting with plants

By Wednesday evening every single plant on site is in place - we are tidy, watered and ready to go back to base earlier than usual - luxury. Already plants are leading the colour combinations in the exhibit. I think my golden tunnel of Hederas is going to look really good.  It's a real contrast to the softer hues and sharper shapes at the other end of the group.
Thursday morning the next contingent of the staging team arrive along with another three lorry loads of plants. In addition to the Hillier crew we welcome Paul and Owen - two self confessed plant nuts and fellow Tweeps. Quickly everyone settles into areas and plants are painted on the canvas created by the hard landscaping crew earlier in the week - As you can see I'm starting to wax a little lyrical - but that's what this thing does to you.  I rally find it helps to brief crew members as they arrive - oddly enough that gives me ideas.  I was talking to Owen about the pool I planned to be green and white. I soon find myself telling him that I'm going to introduce a little blue because its inspired by Chinese willow pattern - where did that come from. 
Of course its not all plain sailing - there are moments when the team lose the plot - well they do in my opinion.  It doesn't pay to be too sensitive working on the Hillier team - some say I can be quite direct in my description of their efforts - what do you think?

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