Saturday 19 May 2012

Lights cameras action...

Saturday morning starts with recording for the official Chelsea DVD - As ever the Pavilion is hectically noisy but filming doesn't take long - charming crew as ever.  Our deadline today is 2p.m. -  That's when our fencers arrive for photography.

By lunchtime the two areas at the front of the exhibit are completed and all that remains is to sweep up and take up the polythene to reveal the paving.  Tim cracks on with some of the photography - we are determined to get ahead of schedule - but we are every year.

The morning passes swiftly and the gaps in the planting soon get filled. A team make a start on decorating the RHS exhibit and Quist – one of our regular favourites.  Right the way through the morning it seems like we are ahead – but gradually time creeps up on us.
Neil and Nigel unpack the small bronze sculpture by Sue Freeborough and it takes its place on the plinth. It really is truly stunning and has such impact for a piece of its stature.  I want it instantly.
By 2p.m. a camera crew from Australia arrive with our friend Graham Ross from Melbourne telly; he’s a Chelsea regular.  They’ve come to see our two lovely young lady fencers demonstrate their art on the piste for the first time.  The polythene that covers the path is ripped up and the pathway is revealed – transformation.  It’s just as if someone turned the lights on!
Another camera crew arrive and a crowd quickly gathers – the fencing commences and the exhibit really bursts into life – this is going to be good.  It’s easy to see what a draw this will be when the show is open.

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