Friday 18 May 2012

Frantic Friday

Friday always is the BIG staging day.  Its amazing how the time disappears and the plants vanish into the group.  At the beginning of the day there seems to be so much to do and progrss seems slow.  But as another three lorry loads of plants everyone gets second wind and by lunchtime the exhibit suddenly morphs into a garden.

Sreve and Mark have been labelling all day.  The exhibit requires around 800 labels. Up until now those labels have been written by hand - this year we've gone tehno. Labels using the laptop and a fantastic Brother labeller - they look relly good!

Tim has been posing around with the camera capturing some of the action and getting pics of all the team members. We also discuss tomorrow's photography when we will be shooting the key vistas for our Chelsea Live magazine.  I'm praying for a bright ay tomorrow - I have to say today has been rather gloomy at times.  We still have the RHS xperience to plant tomorrow - and Quist.  It will be nice to get outside and escape from the Pavilion for a while - that is if the the sun shines.

Our guest team members Paul and Owen have been enjoying themselves on the Piste with Pip and Dan.  My sharp spiky scheme reflecting the sport of fencing has been in danger of becoming pink and rather "girly" at times - but the finished result is fabulous!

Can't believe its Saturday tomorrow. Where did that week go.  Every year I imagine that I'm going to have loads of time to go and buy that shirt, chat to friends go to the gym - who am I trying to kid!

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