Wednesday 9 May 2012

Sue gets potting.......

After a brief appearance yesterday the sun retreated behind the clouds again, and down came the rain. Nigel has been with us today getting together the kit ready for loading tomorrow.  Barrows, hosepipes, drills, screws - all the general paraphenalia. My silhouette fencers have arrived and their modesty is currently preserved beneath layers of bubble wrap.  I think they will be OK - What I mean is I hope they will be terrific - Not sure what I mean really.  Sue Freeborough's 'Fencing' bronze is being collected next week - kindly loaned by Tasburgh House Hotel, Bath.  Its a lovely piece - small in stature - big in presence. But more of that later.

Sue's creative aura got to grips with the pots today. Permanent planting combinations created by grouping pots together - one of my favourite topics. We've tried to create groups for sun and shade in similar colourways to give visitors ideas.  Nothing too large - Just lovely pots that will fit into any garden. 

I find I look at things differently in pots.  For example I probably wouldn't choose Pieris 'Carnaval' with its rather bold rhubarb coloured new foliage.  However teamed up with the crushy strawberry tissue paper foliage of Acer 'Beni - 'Maiko' its quite stunning, and takes the pewter and mauve spiky leaves of Astelia 'Westland' to a different level.  Maybe, just maybe, the Chelsea magic has started.

Ricky of course had to have his say in the scheme - Sue diplomatic as ever agreed but took absolutely no notice whatsoever - no further comment!

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