Thursday 10 May 2012

Fencers and Fridges - Loading day

A dull, damp thursday. My best efforts encouraging fellow twitters (peeps, tweetsters or whatever else you like to call them) to smile to make the sun shine only raised an early morning glimmer. The rest of the day has been bathed in drizzle - but that's enough about the weather.  Today has been loading day and Nigel started filling up the lorry with all our landscape goodies early this morning. Tools, barrows, bark, stone pond liners, polythene, pots.  The sand, cement, paving and blocks make their way directly to site and we'll meet them in London in the morning.
Sandwiched inbetween everthing else my precious fencer silhouettes will make their journety to the Chelsea piste.  They are surprisingly heavy but still quite fragile. I haven't seen them naked yet - they are still swathed but I am starting to bond with them.  They look a little stark and industrial at present but will hopefully soon be softened by a sea of planting. Nigel also made sure he had the essential fridge on board.  This will ensure that the bubbly for Monday week's Press Day launch stays above freezing - only joking the sun will be scorching by then! Once the exhibit starts to take shape there should be plenty to smile about - and that surely will bring the sun out.
See you in London..............................................................

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