Wednesday 18 May 2011

Wednesday - our first day on site staging plants. This always seems a slow day - lots of big heay plants move into position. I am alwaysreluctant to make final deisions at first - "We'll move it later" seems like a good idea - but I really know it isn't. This year the space is more fragmented by the hard landscaping features. This makes itmore interesting but more challenging. The hardlandscaping team Neil, Nigel, Pete and steve have done a great job getting the hardlandscaping finished by tuesday evening - this makes our job so much easier when the plants arrive. We are all very grateful for the immense help we've had from the lads from M&M and organicstone.

Three lorries of plants from glasshouse and cold store arrive during the course of the morning. This puts the pressure on to get as many of the biggest shrubs and trees into position as quickly as possible - otherwise we will simply run out of space!

Tom and Rebecca arrive with Tom's fantastic slate sculpture - this is assembled on site as the centrepiece of Core Valus - it works! Neil, Raf and Jose concentrate on stream construction. We need to get the liner in place and the stream filled with water before we leave - If not the chelsea fox pays us a visit and will often shred the liner in the night
No kidding - one he stole my space hopper! More later

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