Monday 16 May 2011

Just another Magic Monday

The team have had another good day on site. The lads from M&M Timber have done a fantastic job with the buildings and decking, and have even got some of the timber edging in place. The Rosalie Pavilion is now being painted - a delicious marshmallow shade called Sweet Pea - not proving a favourite with all members of the team but I think it will work once the lilacs, roses, red-leaved acers and silver elaeagnus move in I think its going to look quite delicious!

The blockwaork of the stream is in place. This could be the highlight if we get the planting to work. Its long, its graceful and I think it offers great opportunity to create a wonderful perspective. The staging team need to work a little magic. Those magical foxgloves will certainly come into their own drifting through this lot.

Positioning the pull-up bars is proving a challenge and we may have to drop them. This would be a pity because M&M have done a great job making them and Sue found some lovely rope to bind the bars. We'll still have a bit of fun with them during staging anyway - maybe I can find someone else's garden to stage them in?

Nigel's produced another video for you and these are a couple of his pics from today - not a bad effort - I'll make a media luvvie of him yet!

It has been brilliant keeping up with the lads and their progress on Skype. Back in the good old days (God I sound old!) before mobiles we used to have to queue for one of 3 phones in a cubby hole outside the Pavilion - sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. I remember doing my first Radio Solent report from one of them 20+ years ago.

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