Friday 20 May 2011

The Power of Yellow Planting...................

Now that the planting is in place around the deck the power of yellow is clear - it certainly makes an impact and has the effect I had in mind. whether you like yellow in the garden or not there is no denying that its an attention grabber. The theory is that it raises your metabolic rate - do I feel that - I'm not sure but I do find it uplifting.

Gary, Lucy, Emily and David (with us for the day from Wisley) have been working on the planting in this part of the exhibit. They have sneaked in a little copper and purple foliage which I have to admit only intensifies the surrounding yellow and helps it to link with the planting behind on the Monument. Ricky managed to come up with three light, lovely Robinia 'Frisia' in flower - these are great at extending the yellow theme vertically.

Gary tried out the tone up trail - looked a little nervous on the balancing logs if you ask me.

Rick has been working with John and Fiona on the Tone up trail and planting along the stream . This is bound to be a crowd pleaser with its foxgloves, rhododendrons, ferns and hostas punctuated with dainty aquilegias - hope to show you more of that tomorrow.

And the video.....................

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