Friday 20 May 2011

Taking shape!

Its Friday - Its five to five and its....taking shape! Today the whole exhibit is really coming together and looking like the series of gardens I envisaged. Emily and Lucy planted up some of the pots this morning - phormiums, heucheras and yuccas in the yellow scheme and chamaerops, variegated mint and thyme for the blue and silver garden. These containers really start to give a garden the finished look.

I gave Nigel a little instruction on the sit up bench and he soon found another use for it by taking a nap under the Union Jack.

Steve cracked on with the labelling - he makes lists and hands them to Cindy who hand writes all the labels each year. She has a superb hand and personally I think our hand written labels - around 750 of them.

I think the team are really getting into the planting detail now.
Its amazing when they start using some light height in the foreground how the pace appears to grow. Finding the right plants is like finding the missing bits of a jigsaw puzzle - as they fall into place the incentive to find the final pieces become greater.
Some parts of the exhibit are already looking so good I feel quite emotional about it - just hope we can maintain the standard to achieve that final polish.

And now the video.........................

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