Tuesday 17 May 2011

Tuesday afternoon update ...................

Well its all quiet from London - so I presume all goes well! Spoke to Neil early this morning and khe seemed happy. We had a bit of a puzzle over levels - the transition beteeen the pathway and the paving in the Feelgood Factor garden. This is not unusual because we cannot dig into the ground and change the levels - at this point anyway we are building over a roadway. I know that the lads will sort it out anyway - we have to be adaptable and its no good going into this project with a fixed idea.

Nigel sent some pics through - the pink Rosalie Pavilion lookd great - although I don't remember it having a brick red roof - ouch! I'm sure we'll manage to make it work with a good dollop of purple foliage!

The large slabs being used for the Feelgood Factor garden are one of Brian's creations for organicstone - these look really amazing and will be a great contrast to the random smaller sizes which make up the pathway. Its hard to believe this wonderful flooring is largely made from recycled materials!

I'll touch base with the team later and then of course I'll see it all for myself tomorrow morning - can't wait!

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  1. Hello there

    It was my hubs who helped build the pavilion and it was him who put the roof on :)