Tuesday 17 May 2011

Before we left for London - one that got away!

This is one that got away - it's now a bit out of date but I thought I would publish it anyway - Tells you a bit about the loading and the plants - Andy

Nigel has spent the morning packing up ready for an early dearture tomorrow. The lorry is just about loaded and everyone seems to be in remarkably relaxed mode. I caught up with Nigel to see if he'd got everything - Cement mixer, wheelbarrows, hosepipes, tool kit, flat trucks and the good old plastic chairs - what are they for?

In the meantime Mark and I have been updating the plant list. This year this will be available via the Shoot website - This means that you can access descriptions of the plants and in most cases pictures that wil act as a useful reminder of what you saw and liked at the show - or on the Chelsea live website. You will also be able to order the plants then and there from our online shop.

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