Tuesday 17 May 2011

Out from the cold..........

Tuesday afternoon - and a grey and chilly one it is too. We had our Chelsea team briefing this morning - everyone is very excited - especially those with a 5.30 start tomorrow morning! Essential supplies have been loaded onto the minibus - along with our giant Union Jack - more about that later.
Just been down to the cold store - Rick and the team are loading the third and last lorry of the day - the first from the cold store. Large cherry trees, big viburnums, cornus and lilacs are stacked in with some smaller plants: ceanothus, azaleas and the prized sinocalycalycanthus.
This is a chilling job working inbetween a fridge and a larry. The cool conditions are in our favour today - but what will the coming week bring? Plants are dry from the aircirculation fans in the coldstore so most are watered before loading - we'll give them a good soak when they are unloaded tomorrow.

Here's a short video showing plants moving out from the cold............

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