Thursday 16 May 2013

@The_RHS Vandalism and Theft and Ben's Blog

Its Thursday afternoon and things are going well apart from the fact that we are running short of plants. Lots more tomorrow but there is a cetain amount of theft going on. As soon as you find the plant you are looking for someone comes and snatches it from under your nose. I suppose that's a risk you have tp ake at RHS Chelsea. 
There has been some vanmdalism though. I had just picked some lovely orange azalea 'Fireball' when Ricky came along and cut off all those long stems with just a few flowers on top. TThese were the eason I'd chosen them because I fancied seeing them sparking out of my ceanothus. Unforgiveable!
He's also stolen my solanums. Revenge.....
Anyway here's today's video blogs.

I've also asked Ben to share his thoughts with you. Knew you would like some sensible content!
Ben says:

It’s the Second day on the Chelsea site and things are really starting to take shape. The element of risk is beginning to manifest itself within the exhibition and I am starting to understand Andy’s vision. The Hillier team really know what they are doing so I’m trying to learn as much as possible from them. It’s amazing how fast time seem to be going, I must be having fun.

The plants look brilliant and considering how bad the season has been it must have required a lot of work selecting them and making sure that they are at the rite stage for the show. I must admit it is a little nerve racking when moving or squeezing past them.  I would hate to damage any of them considering how much work has gone into getting them to the stage they are at.   

We have had three lorry loads of plants delivered to us today from various Hillier sites. Unlike yesterdays deliveries of large trees and shrubs today’s plants generally have more colour and aren’t quite as big. I have found that their positioning seems to require more thought and tweaking, as I come from a Fine Art background I am finding this very enjoyable and satisfying.

Today I have mainly been working on one particular area of the exhibit with a more experienced member of the team. I have found this really beneficial as they have been very good at explaining what we are doing and why, I think the biggest challenge for me will be to remember all of these tricks and tips.          
               Anyway back to work as there’s plenty more to do and I am staring to feel a bit guilty sat down blogging while everyone else is working hard around me. So far this has been an excellent experience and I can’t wait to see how the exhibit develops over the next few days.   

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