Saturday 18 May 2013

Saturday @The_RHS Chelsea - More planting and finishing touches

Saturday always evapoates. I always think that we have loads of time to finish but Saturday somehow goes too quickly.  The last big day's staging involves filling in all those gaps that no-one wanted to do.  The plant selection gets thinner and it needs resource from the staging team to make it happen. They do a really brilliant job.
Here's my video blog for today for starters:
At teatime we get a visit from a photographer from The Sunday Express. He's after pictures of real live gnomes at Chelsea. At Hillier we like to make peoples dreams come true so we deliver real live gnomes for a photo call. He can't believe his luck. Neither can the camera crew filming for the Chelsea DVD so my gnomes skip through the exhibit followed by Papa Smurf Dorlay.
Graham Ross turns up from Beautiful Homes and Gardens, Australia TV and we do a piece for their show.  Must make sure my brother-in-law in Melbourne gets the heads up when its going out.

As the day draws into evening we seem well up together but there are still bits to finish off.
Tim has been taking pics all day: looks like some great ones.
Mark, Steve and Lucy have been labelling frantically. By 6p.m. we are up to 600 labels: I reckon there are probably another 200 to go.


Sunday already tomorrow. As ever I feel a twinge of regret. The best bit of Chelsea is nearly over for another year. But there's still tonight and its Eurovision night. All we need now is for Bonnie to take the title. Unlikely I fear but we can all dream.

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