Sunday 11 March 2012

Spring Sunshine

After a dismal wet day last Sunday this weekend has been divine (so far!). Lovely and warm in the garden yesterday working on the veg. patch. - Yes I did say veg. patch - hope all are impressed that I'm digging for victory - Is it good to be self-sufficient in bindweed.  I even got round to spreading some of my homemade compost on an area where I've taken out some mature gorse bushes.  The compost isn't bed - but it does have rather a lot of those hideous fat chafer grubs in it - they look suspiciously like a bush-tucker trial. Don't worry I won't include a picture.

I have quite a few divine dwarf irises out in pots. They were planted really late but seem to have performed very well, despite rather random positioning.  I think the variety is 'Katherine' but I really can't remember.  I suppose if you have one of those rather absurd Gardener's Logs (that I am always so rude about) you write that sort of thing down - needless to say I don't. 

Had a great week talking gardening. Alan Titchmarsh show on Tuesday with Alex (Chelsea Show Manager) and 3 great girls from Essex. The only way is...... Then on thursday evening I was at Arundel talking 'Losing the Plot' - a really good night.  Friday fitted in another recording session for My Garden School.  You now watch a video of the lecturer delivering the lecture.  I wanted to get the Shrubs and Trees courses up and running in this format for this week's promotion.  Tuesday and wednesday this week I am at Sunningdale Cash and Carry talking 'Planting with Trees' and we have a great offer for all who come along to enable them to do the Trees course at a bargain price. Come along if you can - its always a great event. Tuesday is Garden Re-leaf day too so we are having a Tweet-in beween 2 and 4. Tweet in your gardening questions and we'll tweet back the answers.  I'm loving it!
Then Thursday - Llanover Gardening School in Wales - Really looking forward to this one! With this warm sunshine magnolias should be out on the estate and I'm expecting the gardens to be beautiful.  This is the first time I've been to Llanover and I feel very honoured to be invited.  I'm talking shrubs and Elizabeth says I have 90 minutes so plenty of time to show lots of shrubs. as you know that's a dangerous thing to say to me.
And Chelsea? Well - have talked about it a bit - Just planted some pots for a client - shining black with acid green heucheras and ophiopogon - I must stop leaning towards the contemporary - its not in my brief.  No wonder I've avoided doing a show garden!

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