Saturday 28 January 2012

Set in stone

Always hard to know where to start on getting things together for Chelsea - few ideas starting to spin around - its just turning them into reality.  I was only saying yesterday morning - would be great just advising people on their gardens - sweeping in - dishing out loads of suggestions and then just moving on to the next one.  Unfortunately I'm not like that and I want to see it done - usually that means getting in there and making it happen. So when it comes to Chelsea I know that I have to make the ideas happen - and they've got to work. 
Therefore I choose to work with people who think the same way. A visit to organicstone is always a good starting point. They make the most wonderful outdoor flooring (far more than just paving) that makes up all the surfaces in the Hillier exhibit. I know they'll have something different and I know they will be innovative, enthusiastic and I'll get inspiration.  Yesterday was no disappointment! 
A glorious sunny day - a lovely drive over to Gloucester - and loads of ideas.  Vicky, Gina, Sue and Brian were on great form - Brian's birthday (sorry promised not to mention it) and chicken and chips at Nandos.  Took Ra with me for a day out - I know how to spoil a girl!  Anyway we talked a lot, put the world to rights and got ourselves geared up for the run into the show.
Actually their new flooring tiles could not be better - formality, history, heritage, style: an air of grandeur. I think this can work really well with lush planting -lots of strong shapes and forms.  It's a bit grand garden - I can feel a grotto coming on - maybe a pavilion or folly.  Might have the fencer image sussed too...
Anyway its a lovely sunny Saturday so back to reality.  Garden filled with the scent of Dahne bholua and I've got trees to plant...............

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