Saturday 21 May 2011

Saturday lunchtime; unveiling the Golden Cypress

Jim Keelings Golden Cypress sculpture looks fantastic now its in place, and we unveiled it a few moments ago. As the wrapping came off the sculpture was transformed as the afternoon sun lights up the gold leaf.

We are now working on completing the planting around the monument and putting the finishing touches to the yellow planting under the lime avenue. There already seems to be plenty of media interest around the show; one of the storylines is highlighting the most extravagant displays at Chelsea.

With our magnificent golden centrepiece I think we may hold a winning card. At this stage the paving is still covered with polythene, bags of bark and plants that havn't found their way into the exhibit yet, but as soon as we finish filling all the gaps with bark, tucking in a few ivies and ferns around the edges, the polythene will come up and organic stone's salvation paving will see the light of day. I know that this is the moment when the exhibit really comes to life.

Without the clutter around and through the centre of the exhibit the finished product will look double the size and we will really be able to see the full effects of the planting. You can see some larger photos of the finished areas on our website here

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