Friday 17 May 2013

Friday:Handbags at Dawn

Well its been an amazing day. The wonderful glass and copper sculptures by Mehrdad Tafreshi are in place. They are superb; what more can I say?

Gary has been in getting in touch with his female side; I asked him to share his Chelsea experience.


I wish I could start this by telling you what day it is and how long i’ve been here but to be truthful the days began to merge a long time ago. All I can say is today is the day it all comes together. Lorry after lorry of plant material has been arriving, so finally we can begin to fill the voids between the epic trees we placed some days ago.

 Today is the day everyone begins to have their own little vision of what they want to create and will stop at nothing to pilfer the plant they so desire. Fragments  of the team begin to break away as you witness new  developing  parties  branching off into their own little sects. Once they have come together they reveal a look behind their eyes , a look of sheer determination.  They really will stop at nothing to get the prize plant they so desire. The whole episode of today takes plant hunting to another level, as we all rush to stock pile the best plants for our little Edens.

I must admit i have not lowered myself to theft at this stage although Sue does have a nice Uncinia that I have my eye on. I may have to send my compatriot Ben, into smuggle it away from her base later on once  the sun goes down.

Ben and myself have kept things small and detailed today focusing on the everglade type planting around our two gators. Word has it they are a bit too friendly looking to be scary monsters of the murky waters they were meant to be,  but this is Chelsea after all and how fitting that at the world’s biggest flower show, we have two gators who are so camp they look like they were born to be Gucci handbags!

Anyways  I am off to continue doing the masculine activity of titivating flowers, wish me luck.


Here’s my video blog for today:

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